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There are many factors needed to gain more traffic to a website. Long tail keywords can be the lowest priced and the best way to take advantage of search marketing. Fortunately there is a software that helps with this. If you have an online business or blog and you are interested in improving organic search engine ranking for your site then this is a must read!

Even though long tail keywords are important to know about and use they are not always easy to find. That’s why we have a brief review here about a website analytics service which would be a very smart investment to use for your online campaign and/or Internet traffic and lead generation. With Google Analytics you are unable to view all of your statistics including long tail search terms and where they come from. That is why we recommend you sign up for HitTail so you can view a long tail graph of your incoming search keywords. You will also be able to receive a list of suggestions of keywords you should target to help you get on the first page of Google and other search engines. Other great benefits include the option to export your referrers, keywords and suggestions to Excel. Gain access to your historical keywords for as long as you use your account. Their service will even email you recommended keywords. Using HitTail can also lower the cost of your search engine advertising campaign by targeting effective long tail keywords instead of the more competitive ones.

Here at BizMaxed we highly recommend you try out the HitTail Pro plan which costs less than $20 a month and we’re sure you’ll realize it is well worth it! It’s very easy to set up. Just register with them at www.hittail.com and place a short piece of Javascript code into your site. You also will need to have a Google Webmaster Tools account set up because this service works with it to offer you more information than what is available from Google and of course HitTail is also much easier to use! The service is very reasonably priced when you add up all of these benefits and it will definitely help you increase your organic search engine traffic. They do this by focusing on the most promising organic keywords in your existing traffic. Try it out; they offer a 21 day free trial so there’s no risk to see how you benefit from their service.

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